April 07, 2024
Changed LinuxHub Openbox Builder from v2.0.0 to v2.0.2
Removed the XFCE desktop environment (still using the Whisker Menu) on openbox
Updated/Merged the LinuxHub Welcome and Control Center

April 08, 2024
rebranded images
Minor edits to control center

April 10, 2024
point upgrade from v2.0.2 to v2.0.3
updated installer
added installer.html
tweaked images

April 17, 2024
archinstall updated to new version
point upgrade to v2.0.4

April 26, 2024
updated installer
updated archiso
point upgrade to v2.0.5
renamed to LinuxHub Openbox
added discover with flatpak support

May 18, 2024
migrated to LinuxHub Prime v1.0.1
archinstall update

May 22, 2024
updated to v1.0.2
updated installer to display screens when it appears to be stalled

May 27, 2024
pamac software center and paru added to installer
improved update scripts

May 29, 2024
more installer upgrades
you now have the option to select AUR helpers at install

June 07, 2024
added boxbuddy to install apps from any distro
added additional software for gnome-boxes regarding file transfers
re-wrote most of the linuxhub prime installer scripts
re-wrote most of the linuxhub prime builder scripts
rebranded images
moving to v2.0.0
June 09, 2024
released as beta for testing
June 10, 2024
updated beta
fixed a bug found in the builder installer
added video guides for installer and builder
June 11, 2024
beta3 released
fixed issues with xfce, cinnamon, mate and budgie
other misc. bug fixes
all windows now resizeable and moveable
June 11, 2024
all legacy downloads moved to sourceforge
added bootloader options back to the archinstall script
looking into an issue with system settings crashing on budgie desktop
also looking into issue with deepin. can't set dark theme or wallpapers and themes reset on reboot
releasing beta 4 to add work around on setting wallpaper on budgie while system settings issue being worked on
June 12, 2024
fixed system settings issue on budgie
beta4 now ready for download
deepin issue is next to be worked on
June 15, 2024
beta5 will include the following desktops-
still waiting on update from deepin regarding theming
June 16, 2024
beta5 released
June 20, 2024
added an option for the minimal or full archinstall script
next release will move into official.
June 28, 2024
updated archinstall to latest
fixed permissions on openbox control center
updated images
prepping for official release

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